The Elysian Fields of a gambler, is it East or West? Desert or Sea? The Las Vegas Strip or the Boardwalk? How does a gambler unfurl the magic bullet? When deciding where to satiate your gambling fix, it is crucial to comprehend how these two meccas stand when collocated. Both are breathtaking in their own aspects and confer variant features to slobber over.

The Borgata and the MGM Grand

Comparing the two casino behemoths in these respective places is a much simpler way to reach a consensus. Both are top-notch establishments that bestow gamblers’ exceptional fun and frolic for both the novice and seasoned players. The Borgata and the MGM Grand will succour in illuminating the incongruity and homogeneity between Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

The Borgata and the MGM Grand

The Key Differences

Sojourn vs. Progress

Despite the luxurious casinos in Atlantic City, it tends to lure gamblers for the day but does not compel then to stay overnight. There are numerous daily bus trips from the neighbouring areas to aid your commute.

From Philadelphia to New York, days trips are effortless. At the same time, Vegas being a desert oasis renders it secluded from the rest of the lot in terms of rail and road transport, but that is not the scenario when you are travelling by airplane.

This does not mean that there exists a dearth in land transport; instead, when juxtaposed with Atlantic City, it is lesser land connectivity. Therefore, when gamblers come to Vegas to pursue their gambling penchant, they are more likely to opt for staying at the casinos. This is the truth because MGM Grand at Vegas cleans 15,000 pillowcases in a day.

East vs. West

The East Coast and the west coast are not only different geographically but also have significant variations climatically. If you travel to Atlantic City anytime between

June to September, you are pretty much restricted to the indoors.

Thereby escalating it to the zenith of a gambling town. At the same time, during the pleasant summer months, you can frolic in the boardwalk, balmy beaches furnishing you a summer haunt feel.

On the other hand, Las Vegas is blessed with the splendid sunbeams and warm, dry heat encompassing you throughout the year. Unlike Atlantic City, which has the ideal temperature to bask in the sun in July and August, temperatures at Vegas on average is around 106F. Though Vegas is pretty isolated, it is well connected with many flights available at the Mc Carran International Airport for convenient and swift turnaround travel.

A Tale of Two Cities

It all depends on where you are flying in; however, the cost is similar; there would not be any massive differences. Some state that Atlantic City is a better choice with numerous nearby airports.

Yet, if you consider the frequency of flights, Vegas has a better standing, thereby providing you a better selection of flights and last-minute deals. However, when you consider the hotels, you have a broader assortment to select from in Vegas. But both confer a cost-effective and fun-filled escapade.

Whether it is Las Vegas by the desert or Atlantic City by the ocean – you are guaranteed a phenomenal vacation. You will be huddling across swarms of people, with dazzling lights, chiming sound, or the mellifluous melody of superstars; all that you will be craving is to come back soon.